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GRO has been piloting a service providing PDF copies of historical birth & death records. From 16th February 2019 PDF’s are now a permanent service.

Applications for PDF’s cost £7, must be made online and include a GRO index reference. England & Wales records available to order in PDF format include:
Births: 1837–1918
Deaths: 1837–1957

Note: A PDF is not a certificate and has no “evidential” value, therefore a paper certified copy [certificate] is required for official purposes, e.g. applying for a passport or where required to give notice of marriage.

Change in Fees

From 16th February 2019 GRO have increased the price of certificates & made changes to delivery options. Extra charges will apply if you do not order certificates online or include a GRO index reference (where available).

Multilingual Standard Forms: These are now available with applications for certificates (or separately with a certificate of no impediment) if needed for use in EU countries. Please see our ’Most customers want to know’ section for more information.

The GRO website will be unavailable between 08:00-09:30GMT on Thu 21st Feb for essential maintenance.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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